Mission and Values

At the Jiraffe Group, our mission and values guide us in everything we do, from the service we deliver to our customers to the service we provide to the community through our philanthropy initiatives.

They are a part of us and we openly share them because we are accountable.

Our Mission Statement

As a service company, we exist to use our unique talents and experience to the fullest extent possible in serving others. As a solutions provider, fundamentally we are problem solvers, dedicated to identifying and solving the right problem, which may be different than the stated problem.

We believe in the power of collaboration, that sharing the win is the right thing to do, that being objective and candid are crucial to building trust in our relationships, that people are at the heart of both problems and solutions, and that there is art in our technology solutions, not just great engineering.

Our mission, guided by these beliefs and values, is to deliver to our customers the best possible value through our technology solutions by working collaboratively with them, being creative and open minded, sharing what we know, and solving the right problem. When we receive referrals and repeat business, we know we have achieved our mission.

Our Core Values

The Jiraffe Group is successful because of its highly valued employees, partners and network associates who share common values and vision. We believe in and live daily these core values, and we weave them into the fabric of the solutions we develop with our customers:


Our solutions are orders of magnitude better and more complete through collaboration; internally where we share expertise and leverage brainpower and externally with our customers where, together, we create fertile ground for the best ideas to take root. The Jiraffe Group does not simply supply the solution. WE (The Jiraffe Group and the customer) arrive at it together.


To be fully effective and deliver the highest value service, we must get to know our clients deeply — their behaviors, their strengths, desires and vulnerabilities — and also be open, available and transparent to them in return to earn and keep their respect and trust. We value open constructive criticism and we are fearlessly honest with ourselves and clientele. Hiding from the truth hurts us all.


We are not afraid to try something new — something big — considered “out of this league”. We tackle the problems others shy from as ‘impossible’. As Michelangelo said: “The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”

   Empirical Results

We believe in real and measurable improvement resulting from our efforts, not just change by itself for the sake of change. The value we provide to our customers is in results that are real and without hype, that can be seen and felt.

   Our “Indie Mandate”

We always challenge the status quo and we never simply settle for the anticipated solution. We do not make decisions, pick platforms, or choose software based solely on what is popular. We evaluate options objectively and take action based on what is best for our customers and most appropriate for the situation.


We work hard for our revenue, and so we will not unscrupulously waste or squander it. Profits are shared among our employees as a reward for their excellence, their commitment and the real value they deliver to our customers.


Even when the work is difficult and challenging, we find ways of making it interesting and fun. We maintain a positive attitude internally and outwardly with our customers so creativity and engagement remains high.