Our new website has launched!

A Jiraffe consulting from homeOur new website launch started the way most technology solutions first start out – with pain.  I was editing images for the banner area of our old site and I was experincing a lot of pain.

My kids were running around, missing their daddy, my dinner was getting cold, and I was sitting at my dining room table resizing and cropping (and cussing a little bit too) trying to get just get the image just one more pixel shorter when finally something broke.  I broke.   I broke down.

I really needed a new website.    (Now, where have I heard that before…)

Our old one was a great first start and it got us from basically nowhere to somewhere, but the somewhere I ended up at with cold dinner and neglecting to play with my kids wasn’t anywhere I wanted to be.

First, I needed to solve a different problem.  I needed to convince myself to let go — of the old site, which was maintained in a very familiar environment for techies, the code editor (my poison of choice happened to be Visual Studio 2010 for our ASPX site), and of the notion that a technical company must have a highly-engineered corporate site.      This just wasn’t so.

Well I solved the first problem — the right problem — and today, we’re on WordPress with an SEO framework and a packaged theme that we tweaked a little bit, just a little bit, and now we get to focus on the content, and much less on the size of the images

But, if you’re like me, you probably noticed a few image irregularities … but I’m not going to try to solve any more problems that don’t need solving, and I won’t let perfection (for this site) be my enemy…any more!