What We Do – Services

We craft Technology Solutions to help our customers meet the challenges they face in today’s marketplace, which is increasingly digital, socially-engaged and highly mobile.

Often, the actual challenges are different than they seem at first, and far too often technology initiatives aimed at tackling those challenges succeed only in simply delivering more technology, falling short of addressing the underlying problem.

What we do best — what is at our core — is not just problem solving, it is working together to correctly identify the problem, so you always know we are solving the right problem.

Process. Systems. People.

Our services are organized into the three areas we believe contribute the most to both the underlying problem and ultimately the solution: process, systems and people.

Process - First

We believe that good processes precede good Technology Solutions, and we weave that belief into every thing we do.

In fact,  it is the foundation of our Process-First Technology Solutions  approach.


Some of our services in this area are:

  • Audit of Systems and Business Needs
  • Business Process Analysis and Redesign
  • Technology-use Strategy and Planning
  • Program and Project Management
  • RFP Writing; Proposal Evaluation
  • Gap Analysis


Systems, Software Development,  Integration

We believe that the technology chosen to participate in the solution must not only be a good fit for solving the  right problem, it must also be a good fit for the environment in which it will run, serve and evolve.

We know that the “newest, coolest technology” is no silver bullet, just as well as we know that “this is the way we’ve always been doing it” is no reason to simply keep “doing it” that way.

Some of our services in this area are:

  • Software Design and Development
  • Customized Reporting and Information Dashboards
  • Legacy Systems Integration and Replacement
  • Websites, Web Services
  • Mobile and Social Applications
  • Workflow Automation


People - Critically Important to all Technology Solutions

We see that “people” are often overlooked in other technology solutions.  It is easily and often claimed that people-oriented workflows are “the problem” and the solution is simply to automate.

We believe that people are a key success factor in the development of our Technology Solutions.

Some of our services in this area are:

  • Human Workflow Analysis and Redesign
  • Team Management and Group Facilitation
  • Customized, Targeted Group Training
  • Individualized Consultation

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